The Catch Up Series – Felix from Time & Tide Watches

Welcome to my third and final instalment of my Catch Up Series with Time and Tide Watches . Today I’m featuring T+T Editor Felix Scholz.  Self confessed watch- addict  and resident expert on all things horology.  Felix is exposed to everything that happens in the world of luxury time pieces and  vintage estate acquisitions.  His knowledge absolutely blows me a way, and his passion for watches is contagious. If you haven’t heard of him, or read any of his articles, I urge you to do do so now, well after you’ve read my little piece first.

1.  What was your most recent Carl Navè purchase and how do you like to wear it?

A sports jacket, this grey flannel with blue check one to be precise. It’s quickly become my default work jacket. I don’t wear full suits too often, but some level of jacket, shirt and tie — I have to do that quite a lot. This guy can handle all those situations with ease. It elevates jeans and a casual shirt instantly. And with dark pants, white shirt and the right tie it looks the part at fancier affairs as well.

I also quite like the collar embroidery that no one ever sees — it reads -4/+6, which is the range of seconds lost or gained a day for a mechanical watch to be earn chronometre status (along with a lot of other things. It’s is a little easter egg for the watch nerds out there — and one that perfectly matches the piping on the jacket’s lining. I love how Carl can accomodate these little personal touches.

2. How would you describe your general style and what would do you wear on a daily basis?

Stylewise I try and abide by the three Cs. Classic, consistent and a little conservative. Denim, chinos, oxfords and classic button downs form the core of my look, and mostly in natural tones or dark blues. The bright check in this jacket is there to add a little flash of colour — but not too much.  I’m lucky that my business wear is essentially a what I wear out of work hours, so this sports jacket will be worn on weekdays, weekends and even to the odd more formal event, it will definitely make an appearance at a good friends spring wedding.

3. Tell us about your role at Time & Tide Watches, and perhaps the most exciting thing that has happened in the last couple of months.

So I’m the editor of Time+Tide, and my day-to-day is incredibly varied, and is occasionally rather glamourous. This week for example i’m attending dinner in Collingwood to celebrate the one brand’s latest collection, the following night its drinks and more watches with Melbourne Designer Christian Kimber, and finally I’m rounding out the week by watching Australia give it their all against France in the World Cup at a rooftop bar in Sydney. In between all that there’s a lot of office time, some client meetings and a video shoot. So you can see why my tailoring has to pull its weight in a range of situations.

4. Which timepiece do you like to pair with your Carl Navè suit and why?

Again, versatility is key. As you might imagine I’m not really a one watch guy (though it’s perfectly possible to do that, just as it’s possible to have one good suit). But I tend to match my watch to what I’m doing, I wear something different when I travel, when I’m at home on the weekends or when I have an important event on. Having said that, my most versatile piece is probably my Nomos club. Nomos is a German watch brand, known for their minimal style. The Club is a nice middle ground between casual and formal, just like this sports jacket. And like the jacket it’s impeccably made, and has a little pop of colour with the orange hands. I guess it’s my default watch.

In Felix’s shoot, we see him wearing the made to measure sports jacket he speaks about.  It’s an interesting shade of grey, almost brown in some light, with a cobalt blue and deep maroon plaid. Its the type of cloth that most people shy away from when seeing it in a swatch form, but en masse its actually quite subtle and versatile. This is the best type of sports jacket to afford yourself. As Felix mentioned,  It transitions well from weekday to weekend, from day time to evening.

I hope you enjoyed this little insight in to one of Melbourne’s best man about town, make sure you go and go him on Instagram @andygreenlive and @timeandtidewatches.



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This is a 1 hour obligation-free consultation where we establish your needs and look at fabrics. We also talk about style and details and take measurements if required.