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The Catch Up Series with Will

The Catch Up Series with Will


I have a special relationship with many of my clients, in particular with Will as he has been a client of mine for seven years. I have seen Will go from a graduate lawyer to a partner at his firm Phillips & Wilkins. During this time, I have helped him make some classic yet stylish selections for his business wardrobe. When Will got married I helped him create a very stylish look where we channelled an early 1980’s David Bowie-inspired look. I am very honoured and grateful that I get the opportunity to be a part of many of my client’s life changing events, and for this reason, I wanted to feature Will in this edition of my Catch-Up Series.


1. Tell us about what you do for work and what is the most exciting thing that has happened in the last couple of months?


I am a commercial lawyer. I recently became a partner at my firm, Phillips & Wilkins, located in Thornbury in Melbourne’s Inner North. In a lot of ways, we are quite a traditional small law firm – but – I think with a modern outlook and approach to technology. Becoming a partner was very satisfying from an individual perspective. As a business, it has been exciting to recently put on a new graduate lawyer and to pick up some very interesting new litigation matters. It is good to help people resolve issues – whether it is a multi-million-dollar business dispute or the sale of micro-business.


2. How would you describe your general style and what do you wear on a daily basis?


I prefer a classic look over something modern. I wear a suit every day for work, so it is nice to get away from a plain old navy and grey. Something a bit quirky is good without drawing too much attention to myself. A good tie always helps bring a look together too.


I hope wearing a suit and tie is reassuring to my clients as I have a bit of young face so get the odd double take when providing advice.


3. Do you have any style icons, and where else did you find inspiration? 


I do like mid-century looks – cuffs, browns and double-breasted jackets all interest me. My style icons are probably the photos of twentieth-century actors and writers. Maybe it is time for the hat to make a return…


4. How many Carl Navè pieces do you own, and which is your favourite and why?


I own five suits, a sports jacket, and a few shirts. Choosing a favourite is hard as thinking about it brings up different memories even though I wear them all the time. I cannot go past the cream suit you made for my wedding! It’s a very special piece that I have gotten a surprising amount of wear out of.

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