May 23

Made To Order Store – Now Live



Visit Our newly launched Made to Order Store here


It’s the age-old problem of off-the-rack suits:  The jacket fits, but the pants are too loose. Or too tight.  OR, the pants are perfect, but you struggle to fit your shoulders into the matching jacket.


I’m solving that problem with the launch of my new online store.


Purchase a jacket in your size, and then select your pant size. They don’t have to be the same. We’re about finding you the perfect fit, not fitting you into a box.


Being able to purchase a new suit, with your jacket in one size and your pant in another. I know, hard to wrap your head around when you haven’t been able to do so before!


Now you can.   No more pants that need to be altered or jackets that fit just a little too snug across the shoulders.


With my new online store, you will be able to select from 3 different cuts and 3 different styles (more will be added).


The Fiorentino –  inspired by classic Florentine tailoring. Subtly extended over the shoulder and tapered through the waist, offering a broad and tailored silhouette.


The Milanese – inspired by classic Milanese tailoring. Soft and hugging around the shoulders, tighter armhole and sleeve head resulting in a narrow fitting chest and waist with tapered sleeves.


The Romano –  inspired by classic Roman tailoring. Softly styled shoulders that create a broad silhouette, which narrows around the waist.  Peak lapels add a touch of flair and formality, making it a suitable option for evening events and black tie dinners.


You can chose from optional extras such as working button holes on your jacket sleeve or a turned up cuff on your trousers which is made for you in the sizes or length that you have ordered.  So it does not matter whether you’re 5’5″ or 6’6″ we have size for you.


We source premium Australian Merino wool and offer a limited collection which helps keep the price down.  In time we will release new fabrics so that you can build up your wardrobe and we will educate you on how to select the best suits for the best value.  Each jacket is made with a woven horsehair chest piece, so no cheap adhesive fusing, which will ensure comfort and longevity and of course feel softer on the body.


Visit our newly launched Made to Order Online Store here

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