How’s this for a take on the blue work horse?  Take this summer weight blue flannel pure wool number.  Finished as a two and half button or a “tre su due” as they would say in Italy, the lapel is designed to roll over the top button and expose the button hole, doing up in the same position as a two button jacket would. The patch pockets soften the look of the jacket and allow it to be worn as a sports jacket teamed up with a pair of summer chinos.

The Napoli shoulder, designed to gather on the sleeve head, makes the unstructured jacket look a little more relaxed and versatile.

An accent of colour with hand made lapel and sleeve button holes is something I always do, its a nice way to personalise your suit and set you a part from all of the other off-the-peggers out there. I love the blue and green combination – whoever said “it shouldn’t be seen” has no idea.