Mar 12

The Business Trip

What whirlwind way to start the year… Thailand and the last few weeks have been Brazil. I am truly blessed to have had so many great experiences.


With back to work blues setting in, I can’t help but feel nostalgic about my travels and with so many clients asking me about how best to travel with their suits I thought I would jot down a few tips that I found have helped me….


Where possibile, carry a suit bag so that your suit can be hung up when you board your slight, or at least neatly folded into your overhead storage.


If you are packing your suit into your suit case, please refer to the images below and follow these steps:



Lay your suit jacket flat.



Turn the jacket inside out, folding the sleeves and the shoulders inwards, revealing the lining.  Be sure to follow the seams when folding, this will minimise wrinkling. Exposing the lining will protect the cloth from any spillages that may occur within your suitcase.



Folders your trousers the same way you would if they were on a hanger



Fold trousers in hald, and then half again.  This will ensure that they are small enough to neatly sit within the shoulder span of your folded jacket.



Place the trousers on top of the folded jacket and then fold jacket in half.  The jacket lining should be exposed and your trousers are completely protected.



Place jacket and trousers on the very top of all your other belongings inside your suitcase.  Please note you can do this for me more than one suit, just place on top of one another.



When you arrive at your destination, take your suits out and hang them up on a hanger, placing the jacket on one hanger, and trousers on a clip hanger.  Place them in the bathroom and allow the steam from the shower to get rid of any wrinkles that may have occurred.  A few hours on a hanger and a bit of steam will do the job.



In order to maximise your wardrobe, try and take as many interchangeable pieces as possible.  One or two suits with an extra pair of trousers if possible should be sufficient for a 3-5 day trip, but make sure you taken enough shirts and a couple of spares in case you have an accident or you are met with hot weather.  Two pairs of shoes, a black and brown, will change your look when wearing the same suit more than once, as does a small selection of accessories.


Sometimes you can’t take all your suits on your carry on, so check out my post on Facebook to learn how to fold your suit into your check-in luggage.

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