How to look your best this Spring Racing Carnival

It’s almost that time of year again.  You know, that time when the sun bursts through the clouds, the smell of Spring is in the air and winter is long forgotten. Yes, it’s also that time of year when we Melbournians break out in full force after a bitterly cold hibernation and head to Flemington, for the race that stops a nation, The Melbourne Cup.

The Melbourne Spring Racing Carnival is more than horse racing event; it’s our reward for putting up with a miserable Melbourne winter. It’s also a sign of what is to come, that summer is just around the corner and we can finally let our hair down and have some fun once again.

But, the best thing about the Melbourne Cup is the fashion. We take so much pride in what we wear and how we wear it, that it is actually an industry unto itself. Each year thousands of race goers submit themselves to scrutiny in countless rounds of Fashion on the Field to take out the best-dressed title. And they keep going back year after year showcasing the best in menswear, womenswear and millenary. This is the reason why Melbourne is the fashion capital of Australia, and as Melbournians, this is our responsibility and burden to carry.

So, every year for the past 18 years, I have concerned myself with what men wear and how they should present themselves on each day of the carnival. I’m offering Free Consultation on creating a bespoke Spring Racing suit. If you want to look the best you possibly can, book a free Spring Racing Suit Consultation with me, and make sure you consider these points when making your next purchase.

For the best in men’s suiting, whether is it is bespoke, made to measure or off-the-rack, the most important thing you need to strive for here is FIT.  Find the best fitting suit that sits within your budget and go from there.  If you are opting for a bespoke or made to measure suit, the best tailor made suit you can possibly ever have made for yourself is one that compliments your stature. That’s right, it needs to be proportionately pleasing before we even talk aesthetics.


The next step is where we get to have some fun.  Think about your look. Do you want to stand out, or blend in? Which day are you planning on attending? Because there are rules that we should be abiding by here and each day at Flemington has its own set of themes and traditions.  The Victorian Racing Club have gone to a lot of trouble to protect these rules, so it would be a bit of a faux pas to ignore these completely. Let me summarise them for you:


Traditionally black and white, but this doesn’t mean you have to go full morning suit. A contemporary take on it however, shouldn’t be out of the question. My advice would be to go for a black jacket with contrasting grey patterned or checked trousers. Throw in a waistcoat for a real touch of class and a hint of blue to compliment the follower of the day – cornflower.  Grey is also very acceptable as a suit, but if you really want to make a statement, big bold black and white checks will do it. Think Prince of Wales or Houndstooth.


This is the most colourful day of the carnival, so be brave.  Usually men where every shade of blue to Melbourne Cup Day, but this should not be your classic navy blue suit, save that for the office.  If you’re going to wear blue, consider a soft pastel tone, something with plenty of texture or bold pattern.  It will take a lot to make you stand out, so make sure your shirt and tie tells a story also.  A yellow rose is the flower of choice, so perhaps your tones could work with that.


Just because it’s all about the ladies, doesn’t mean you should be a wallflower. Today’s flower is a pink rose, and I’m a big believer that men can wear pink, or rose quartz, which is massively on trend at the moment. However, if you’re on the more conservative side, keep it neutral. Beige, tan and even olive tones are very popular at the moment and will make a good impression.  A two-piece suit is more than enough for Oak’s Day; just make sure your accessories are on point and don’t neglect your footwear; it could be your undoing.


This is the last day of the Melbourne Cup Carnival, and is the most relaxed. Beautifully tailored chinos and a sports jacket will be perfectly sufficient, but I suggest you add a touch of colour and texture.  I love working with linen, and Stakes Day is the perfect day to sport your linen suits or sports jackets, in either a soft pastel of heavy pattern.  You may even want to consider a double-breasted sports jacket for real touch of class.


You might end up betting on a bunch of losers throughout the carnival, lets make sure you’re not one of them – make sure you choose wisely when putting together an outfit.  Whilst I am all for following trends and making a statement, it is always smart to stick to colours and patterns that will offer you versatility and longevity.

If you want to discuss how I can make you look your very best in a specially designed bespoke Carl Navè suit, please book an appointment. I will make you stand out from the crowd.



At Carl Navè, it’s only the best craftsmanship of premium style suits tailored with style. Book your free 60 minute bespoke consultation with Carl today.


This is a 1 hour obligation-free consultation where we establish your needs and look at fabrics. We also talk about style and details and take measurements if required.


This is a 1 hour obligation-free consultation where we establish your needs and look at fabrics. We also talk about style and details and take measurements if required.