Aug 02

Carl Navè x 124 Shoes Military Coat

I am so excited that I finally get to showcase a little piece I have been working on in collaboration with 124 Shoes and iconic Italian footwear brand Preventi.  It all started when I wanted to explore more of my Lifestyle products, garments that are worn in more relaxed environments or weekends, and offer my clients a variety of different bespoke options.


The item of inspiration is a stunning town toned brogue laced up boot, hand made in Italy by artisanal legends Preventi.  Quite military looking but it’s military with flare.  I love the deep blue and burgundy tones and the rich leathery textures in the boot and wanted to make something that equally beautiful and rich.


In taking up this challenge, I wanted to pay homage to the designer and makers of this exquisite shoe by sourcing cloth from a high end Italian mill with a similar history and ethos to that of Preventi.  I couldn’t go past Vitale Barbers Canonico.  Located at the foot of the Italian Alps, in a picturesque town called Biella since 1663.  VBC are the masters of Italian cloth and having been supplying some of the world’s best bespoke tailors and most iconic menswear brands for centuries.


The cloth I chose for this collaboration is a navy blue  wool and cashmere blend flannel.  The beauty of this cloth however, is the subtle burgundy check woven through it.  I chose this because of the beautiful tonality and the way it complimented the features of the Preventi boots.  Of course leather needed to make an appearance somewhere on this coat, I mean it wouldn’t be and homage to the Preventi boot without the use of leather now would it?


Leather is not a material I have ever worked with, but this is what made it all the more fun and challenging.  I decided to detail the shoulder and sleeve epaulets as well as the back strap in a navy blue calf leather sourced especially for this project.  I love the way the leather pops against the coat, the richness and depth of the blue looks elegant and utilitarian at the same time.  But I’ll let you be the judge of that.


If you see yourself in something like this, or would like your very bespoke overcoat or sports jacket to compliment your new Preventi purchase or favourite pair of shoes, please get in touch.



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