Apr 04

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I know I’m really holding on to the last days of summer or autumn for that matter, but this unseasonably warm April has me rustling through my summer wardrobe one last time.


I’ve been wearing a lot of linen over the past 6 months, and my trusty olive linen and wool blend sports jacket has been getting a great run, but I’m wearing it with my new made to measure ivory cotton chinos at the moment.  I love a light trouser option and these chinos, yes with an inverted pleat, are super comfy.  The higher waist band and buckle detail gives them a certain Neapolitan flair, I suppose you could say I’m channeling the old family roots here…. Bellu gualione (good one son), as my dad would say.


It’s times like this when you need to ensure that your wardrobe is versatile and trans-seasonal.  With our unpredictable weather of four seasons in one day its important to have the options required to keep you covered.  Here are my three essential tips for relaxed tailoring:


One – Make sure your sports jacket is casual enough to work with chinos and denim, but also able to dress up with a lovely pair of tailored trousers.


Two – Shirts should always be long sleeve, you can roll them up when its warm.  The collar should also be rigid enough to stand up on its own.  Nothing worse than a flimsy collar.


Three – Trousers, being casual or smart, should always sit well on your hips and gently break on your shoe.  Sock is allowed to show, but none of this 7/8’s business. Men shouldn’t wear Capri pants.


Of course if you would like to know the rest of tips, you could always make a time to come in and see me.

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