Jul 04

Luxurious Winter Coats with Style



Winter gets such a bad rap.  Yes, it is cold and dreary, but it’s also the best time to dress up and wear heavy layers.


I love this time in Melbourne in particular.  I love wearing three-piece suits. I love carrying an umbrella around.  I pretend it’s a walking cane and I am in a Fred Astaire movie; and I especially love wearing an overcoat.  It’s an extra layer of armour and protection from the cold but they can also be so elegant and stylish at the same time.


Working closely with European mills exposes me to some beautiful high-end cloth that is perfectly suited to our winter. However, never have I come across a collection of overcoat textiles so beautiful before.  The masters at Lanificio Luigi Riccieri based in Prato, Tuscany weave bespoke textiles for Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Max Mara and many more. And now,  I too can add their beautiful made cloth to my collection of swatches.


Lanificio Riccieri is at the forefront of textile innovation and design but pays homage to classic practices and techniques.  I particularly love their wool and alpaca blends, which allow for warmth but provide beautiful texture and strength.  I urge you to come in and view the collection so we can discuss making you something special, just like I have for Sam Wines from Man of Style, one of Australia’s leading voices in men’s fashion.


Sam wears a caramel houndstooth from Lanifico Riccieri’s wool and cashmere range.  Made-to-Measure for Sam and cut as a single-breasted 3 over 2 button overcoat with broad peak lapels

Style is not just about being noticed, it’s about being remembered. At Carl Nave, it’s only the best craftsmanship of premium style suits tailored with style. Book your free 60 minute bespoke consultation with Carl today.

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