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Tailored Chinos

Tailored Chinos


Our business wardrobe has seen a varying degree of casual attire being worn to work, but is it still hitting the mark on looking professional? From my perception, I would say not entirely. Whilst I understand the need for more versatile, relaxed, and comfortable garments, this is not Carte Blanch for looking unkept.


The chino has made a comeback in recent years, as it is the more versatile and smarter option over a pair of jeans yet it’s the more casual choice to a pair of tailored trousers.


The tailored chino is the ideal pant to be worn with a sports jacket and shirt for a more professional look, whilst a lightweight knit or polo shirt assists in dressing down the look for a more casual yet sophisticated look. Chelsea boots and lace-up dress shoes are always a safe choice but a smart sneaker or loafer offers a more relaxed look for the summer months. Then there is the benefit of the cotton itself, natural, breathable, durable, and sustainable. This cloth is perfect for all year round and offers such versatility.


Noticing this ongoing trend, we at Carl Navè have created a range of made-to-measure tailored chinos that will get you through the workweek and the weekend. Think of them as a cross between your favourite cotton chinos and tailored trousers.


All the options of our classic bespoke processes are available to you as well as an array of fabrics and colours from the world’s leading textile mills.


Contact us for more information and let’s talk about your very own pair of tailored chinos.

Style is not just about being noticed, it’s about being remembered. At Carl Nave, it’s only the best craftsmanship of premium style suits tailored with style. Book your free 60 minute bespoke consultation with Carl today.

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