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What to wear this New Years Eve

What to wear this New Years Eve


With the end of the year fast approaching, you must be thinking about what to do on New Year’s Eve.  No matter which type of party you attend, here are a few dress code options that you can consider when choosing what to wear.



I’m a big believer that if you want to get noticed, make sure you are the best-dressed man in the room.  So take some inspiration from these well-heeled gents and make a statement.


Dust off your tuxedo and take it out for a spin. We don’t get enough opportunity to wear our dinner suits so what better excuse than a glamorous New Year’s Eve cocktail party.


If you want to dress it down a little, you can always wear a crisp white T-Shirt for that Euro summer look.



There’s more to semi-formal than chinos and a sports jacket.   This is a perfect time to pull out those beautiful cotton suits or lounge suits that make a statement.


Think bold colours and bold patterns with layering textures.   An open-collared shirt with a print will make a great statement under a sharp-looking suit.


Here are a few of my favourite summer-inspired looks.  They have a beautiful relaxed elegance about them, which is perfect for a balmy New Year’s Eve night.



A casual dress code does not necessarily mean you need to be underdressed.   Whether you’re wearing trousers or tailored shorts, a sartorial aesthetic can still be applied to a more relaxed sense of dressing.


Take a look at the beautiful laid back style of these dapper gents and see how they’ve put together the perfect mix of colour, pattern, and texture whilst still looking super sharp and comfortable.


If it’s a casual New Year’s Eve party you’re attending, opt for casual pair of cotton chinos with a relaxed linen shirt and a soft and unstructured jacket.  This will help you achieve a similar look to the photos below.

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