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Ben & Nikki

Ben & Nikki


How is this for a winter wedding with style? Ben and Nikki were married in June of 2019 and I am so excited to get my hands on these photos, finally. Why, you ask? Because Ben’s jackets are one of my all-time favourites.


When Ben first came in to talk about creating something unique and special, texture and simplicity were at the forefront of his mind. Upon reflecting on his big day, Ben noted, “As the wedding was in the heart of winter I was after a warm heavy textured jacket with a design that had longevity. I wanted to keep the colour traditional and timeless so we considered fabrics in classic black and white tones. The rest of the suit was built around the jacket with the intention of not competing with it.”


The cloth we chose for Ben’s jacket was a cloth we use mostly for overcoats weighing in at 550 grams. It’s Italian wool, silk, and alpaca blend in heavy boucle style from the masters at Styl Biella and has an unbelievable drape a texture. We paired this sports jacket with a beautiful pair of black flannel trousers, which in itself has a lovely texture and complimented the matte finish of the jacket.


Ben’s best mate and best man, Tom, for whom we created a beautiful slate blue made-to-measure suit in the same flannel we sourced for Ben’s trousers, flanked Ben. The pair look very dapper standing side by side. I love the “sing in the rain” routine they performed for the camera.


When asked about the whole process of going down the made-to-measure path, Ben said, “We enjoyed the consultation process with Carl and found him to be insightful and decisive with his feedback and direction, which gave us great confidence in the outcome. We loved the final result and had lots of great feedback on the big day.”


A big thank you to Ben and Nikki and congratulations on your big day!


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