Feb 03

Carl Navè x Petite Visuals & Ivory ribe – Pt 2

Carl Navè x Petite Visuals & Ivory Tribe Part 2 

In the second installment to our Petit Visuals photoshoot for Ivory Tribe, our groom and bride had a wardrobe change for a slightly more colourful approach to their celebration.


In this instance, our groom dons a made to measure burgundy suit. The brief was “colourful” so we responded in the best way we know how by being bold. Burgundy has been quite a popular choice of late for weddings; it’s a beautiful alternative to the classics. We love it paired with a crisp white made to measure shirt and a paisley peacock tie because the groom should ‘peacock’ (see peacocking below) for his wedding.


We finished the jacket in our of our signature styles, with a 3 roll 2 buttons, and with Neapolitan shoulders, a gathered shoulder detail made famous in the Italian city of Naples.


Peacocking  (noun)


Peacocking means dressing for attention. Just like Peacock’s use their feathers to get a mate.


To learn more about our Made to Order experience, click through to the watch a video here.


Featured in | @ivorytribe

Photographer | @petite_visuals 

Venue | @notelmelbourne

Video | @nathankaso 

Loved up couple | @loulouchilds @johnstownmassacre 

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Stationery Design | @rebel.reflect 

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Photo Lab | @atkins.pro.lab

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