Jun 19

James & Elle


Location: Santa Barbara Club, Santa Barbara, California


Date: May, 2018


I love a destination wedding.  They are the best reason to travel and the best way to get your nearest and dearest all together to focus on one of the most beautiful celebrations… your wedding.


I take my hat off to James and Elle, they put so much work into creating their dream wedding, and they did it all from afar and it looks so stunning.  It doesn’t really get much more glamorous than Santa Barbera and in particular the Santa Barbara Club, which was built in 1892 and designed to resemble a Spanish style mansion.  It’s the type of location you expect to see splashed across the covers of a glossy magazine, heralding the news of the latest celebrity wedding.


James’s brief for his wedding suit was pretty simple and direct. He wanted style, colour, comfort and three piece suit with flare.  Given that May in California can get quite warm, a light weight wool was paramount to ensure James’s comfort on the day. The waist coat on the other hand, typically warn in cooler temperatures, could have made things a little warmer for James.  Fortunately we stumbled across a beautiful Royal Blue Birdseye Super 130 Cloth for the suit and even more stunning Grape coloured Plaid Super 150 courtesy of Huddersfield Fine Worsted in the U.K for the waistcoat.  Given the beautiful detail in this plaid cloth, there’s a subtle sky blue window pane check, we decided it best for James to go sans tie and let the wait coat be the hero of the outfit. So as soon as the formalities were over, James could take of his jacket and bust a few moves on the dance floor with his stunning new bride.


Most people think a three piece suit is only suitable for the winter months and that they should be avoided in the summer months, but I actually love a contrast bespoke waistcoat to make it more of a statement piece.  Another advantage of a groom wearing a waistcoat on his wedding day is he ensures he is the best dressed man in the room, particularly when jackets come off and most men are walking around in white shirts.  The groom remains visible and the centre of attention with his bride.


A big congratulations to James and Elle on their beautiful wedding day!



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