Jul 05

Matt & Kirsty



It’s been almost 18 months since this happy couple tied the knot, but I only just got a hold of these beautiful photos and needed to share.


Matt and Kirsty were married in November 2017 on a beautiful property in South Australia, The Lanes winery in Adelaide Hills provided the stunning backdrop for the day. “It was a little overcast with a chance of rain. So we moved the wedding to be held indoors at the last minute. On reflection it was a great choice and a very cool and interesting venue to be married in, next to their wine vats!” said Matt. So while we planned for a spring wedding, Mother Nature had different plans, and the day was fairly autumnal which worked perfectly with the colour scheme for the day.


Matt wears business suits every day, so for his wedding, he wanted to look and feel different from his regular attire. Matt wanted to make a statement, and we thought what better way to make a statement than by donning a burgundy suit when your very own wedding is at a winery.


Matt wore a made to measure three-piece suit with a pale pink bow tie and a crisp white Oxford shirt. For the bridal party, which consisted of one grooms-man and one brides-man, we opted for the same burgundy cloth as Matt’s suit but highlighted the sports jackets with the same checked pattern but in different colourways. One was a blue/burgundy while the other was more an olive/burgundy hue. You’ll see how they play on colour gives each gent a sense of individualism yet they all subscribe to the same theme allowing Kirsty to truly shine in her stunning white lace gown.


I loved working on this wedding, because it allowed me to reinterpret three different looks within the same brief.  It’s not that often you get that kind of flexibility within the one the bridal party.   I hope you enjoy looking over these beautiful photos, I certainly did.


A big thank you and congratulations to the happy couple!






Photographer: Katherine Schultz Photography

Venue: The Lane Adelaide Hills

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