Jun 10

Robbie & Jacqui

Robbie & Jacqui


One of the more favourite trends this year has been the re-emergence of the colour brown in men’s textiles. Every shade of brown, from the lighter tan and fawn tones to the deeper tones of chocolate are back. What I love most about these colours is their versatility and their ability to compliment all skin tones.


When I first met with Robbie and his groomsmen, we spoke a great deal about colour and texture, the gents wanted to make a statement but did not want to look garish. In the first consultation, Robbie admits, “I didn’t know exactly what I wanted, all I knew is that I wanted something a little bit different.” Robbie spoke about how he had envisaged a textured look and as for colour he was open to suggestions. As soon as we came across the mid-brown sharkskin, Robbie knew it was the one.


The Italian sharkskin cloth is very subtle in its tonality and gives off a greyish hue to the brown cloth, but in the beautiful setting of Robbie and Jacqui’s stunning Yarra Valley wedding, the autumnal shade of the suits looked as though they were in their ideal setting. Robbie had three groomsmen in tow, and he wanted them all dressed in the same suit, so the next challenge was to ensure that Robbie shone a little brighter than the rest of the boys. This was achieved quite easily, by making Robbie a low cut scoop-necked waistcoat, which sat just below the button line of his jacket, rendering it almost invisible until his jacket was unbuttoned.


All of the boys looked very sharp in their Made-to-Measure suits and received so many comments from the guests, saying, “how great all the boy’s suits were and they also really loved the low cut vest. The colour of the suits was also a talking point on the day between the photographer, videographer, and guests which was awesome – because I was after something a little different. Overall, we felt so special in our suits – and the fact we received so many compliments throughout the day was a great feeling.”


A special thank you to Robbie, Stephen, Daniel, and Miles for looking very dapper in their Carl Navè creation and big congratulations to the newlyweds. Robbie and Jacqui were one of the very lucky few couples that were able to get married before the coronavirus lockdowns came into effect. So, this is a very special wedding for me, as we will not be celebrating any more for a little while to come.


To all of your other couples whose days are on hold or you are planning for later in the year, hold tight, we’ll get there. I’m looking to planning and creating many more special days to come.



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