Made To Order Polo Shirts

I am thrilled to announce that we are now offering polo shirts to our collection of made-to-measure products. Originally worn by polo players in India in 1859, the short-sleeved polo became popular in Great Britain during the 1920s and has been a staple in a man’s wardrobe since then. The classic polo is based on […]

Summer 2021 with StylBiella

With a history as rich and lustrous as their beautiful cloth, the StylBiella story begins in Biella, Italy close to a century ago. After years of supplying famous Italian designers from Versace, Canali, and Hugo Boss with luxurious and high-end cloth, the famed textile merchants are dominating the bespoke suit industry by releasing seasonal collections […]

Introducing our Lambswool Knitwear

We are delighted to announce that we are now stocking a beautiful selection of Australian lambs-wool knitwear.  The perfect layering piece, designed to be worn with suits and sports jackets or more casually with chinos and under a trench coat.  Read more about our styles below: The Gennaro V Neck Sweater An essential V Neck […]

Made To Order Trench Coats

Made To Order Trench Coats Our Made-to-Order Collection prides itself on offering quality, style, and affordability, this is no different when it comes to our new range of Trench Coats. Originally developed as an alternative to the heavy coats worn by the British and French military in World War 1, the Trench Coat has stood […]

The Work From Home Collection

The Work From Home Collection With so many of us working from home and not visiting the office at the moment, the need for traditional business attire has changed. In speaking to many of you during this strange COVID-19 period that we are navigating, I realised that you still crave the need to feel stylish […]

Sports Jacket Trends Winter 2020

Sports Jacket Trends Winter 2020 Winter in Melbourne is looking a little different this year. As we find ourselves working from home or going into the office less frequently, we also find that our wardrobe needs are changing. Because of this, I have decided to showcase some of my favorite new trends in Sports Jackets. […]

Tailored Chinos

Tailored Chinos Our business wardrobe has seen a varying degree of casual attire being worn to work, but is it still hitting the mark on looking professional? From my perception, I would say not entirely. Whilst I understand the need for more versatile, relaxed, and comfortable garments, this is not Carte Blanch for looking unkept. […]

10 Dress Shirts You Need In Your Wardrobe

With almost twenty years of experience in tailoring bespoke garments, I can offer some solid advice on how to build your wardrobe with the shirts you will need to serve you day-to-day. I am often asked where to start with attaining a collection of dress shirts that will suit a businessman’s wardrobe. My answer is […]

How Many Suits Does A Gentleman Need?

This is a question I am constantly asked. The answer is a hard one because all gentlemen have different needs and it depends on the line of work that you are in. Let’s assume you work in the corporate industry and are required to wear suits five days a week, or you just have a […]

The Catch Up Series with Will

Made Measure Suites from Carl Nave

The Catch Up Series with Will I have a special relationship with many of my clients, in particular with Will as he has been a client of mine for seven years. I have seen Will go from a graduate lawyer to a partner at his firm Phillips & Wilkins. During this time, I have helped […]