Our Suit Studio – Affordable Full Canvas Suits

Located in the heart of Melbourne’s fashion precinct, Carl Navè’s Bourke Street studio offers a unique made-to-measure experience. Combining the art of bespoke with fashion design and textile expertise, each piece is carefully crafted with an emphasis on style, fit and comfort.

Born in Williamstown, Melbourne to Italian parents, Carl Nave comes from a family of tailors, and has been sewing since the age of six. Honing his craft with over twenty years of experience, Carl takes tailoring to an exciting new level, offering a contemporary approach to bespoke work in his Bourke Street based studio.

The Experience

Uncompromised Quality

At Carl Navè, all our suits are individually tailored, offering uncompromising quality and affordability.

Personal Consultation

Join us at our Melbourne studio for your personal consultation to discuss your needs and explore styles.

The perfect fit

We conduct a fitting to ensure perfect construction, taking measurements and figurations.

Emphasis on Minimalistic Detail

Choose from a hand-picked, seasonal collection of fabrics, including options for the finer details, such as linings and buttons.

Perfection Delivered to you

You can expect your hand-finished suit to be ready within 4-6 weeks.

Recording your Unique Style

As part of our service at Carl Navè, your pattern and design will be kept on file and referred to upon your next order.

The Craft
Behind the Seams

Unique Patterns

At Carl Navè we recognise that every client is unique, and we strive to celebrate that. After obtaining measurements, we ensure we modify our existing blocks and cut a specialised unique paper pattern, individual to every client. This ensures a perfect fit.

Hand Work

Our fine tailoring expertise is evident in every suit we make. Initially, machine stitched, every Carl Navè suit also has meticulously hand-sewn elements. Our lapels are hand pick-stitched to create an elegant soft roll, whilst our pockets feature silk pick-stitching, enhancing the finish of our pieces.

It’s All About The Canvas

Made with a woven horsehair canvas, our jacket interlinings are superior in made-to-measure suit construction. The floating canvas sits in-between the cloth and jacket lining and is based around the edges of the seams, allowing the jacket to sit closer to the body and enhancing durability. The use of canvases nullifies the need for adhesive fusing, which is commonly seen in cheaper alternatives. With a full canvas construction, you will never have to worry about detached fusing ever again.


Then We Talk Cloth

Sourced from the finest Italian and English mills, our cloth is made from the world’s best-worsted wool and superfine weaves, ranging from the robust Super 110’s to the luxurious Super 150’s. We hand-select our cloth seasonally providing you with a range of options befitting current trends that suit the Australian climate. Our close relationship with these trusted mills ensures that the suits at Carl Navè remain affordable and attainable.


The Surgeon’s Cuffs

Working or functional buttonholes have always been the epitome of style and a true testament to bespoke tailoring. Extremely difficult to find in off-the-rack suits, at Carl Navè, you have the option of working buttonholes to elevate the style of your suit for a small fee.

Style Tip

Leave the last button undone so that your cufflink is slightly exposed. This functionality embodies class and elegance and is one of the most notable elements of fine tailoring.

The Shirt

Individualise your shirt at Carl Navè. Just like our individually tailored suits, we offer made-to-measure shirts starting from just $130. Select from our range of superfine cotton sourced from Italy, Switzerland, and the UK and give it a twist with your own individual style.

The Cotton

Our cotton is sourced from Europe’s top mills, which in turn is sourced from the finest Egyptian cotton available; it is our job here at Carl Navè to scour through the swatches and present you with a selection of exceptional choices, reflecting current trends whilst still having long-term functionality. Our range consists of an elegant assortment of poplins, oxfords, herringbones, twills, and more. Amongst these, we always aim to offer a range of seasonal and corporate colours.

The Collar

This two-piece construction with soft woven interlinings provides the integral trim to your shirt, ensuring it will last longer and look fresh every time you iron it. We add removable collar stays, to ensure crispness, however ensure you remove them when laundering to avoid cracking. Choose from one of our six beautifully-crafted collar styles.

The Cuff

French, single-button, double-button, convertible, the list goes on. All of our cuffs are made with soft woven interlinings, much like our collars, ensuring they remain crisp and fresh every time you put your hand out to shake.

The Buttons

Like all good shirt-makers, we offer a selection of shell buttons to compliment the style of your shirt. For instance, mother of pearl buttons offer strength, durability and elegance, available at no extra cost.

At Carl Navè, it’s only the best craftsmanship of premium style suits tailored with style. Book your free 60 minute bespoke consultation with Carl today.


This is a 1 hour obligation-free made to measure suit consultation where we establish your needs and look at fabrics. We also talk about style and details and take measurements if required.