Tailored Shirts for Men in Melbourne

Customise your shirt at Carl Navè. Just like our individually tailored suits, we offer made-to-measure shirts starting from just $130. Select from our range of superfine cotton sourced from Italy, Switzerland and the UK and give it a twist with your own personal style.


Tailored Shirts

Complete your sartorial style selection with these workday to weekend
additions. At Carl Navè we offer personalisation with every piece.

  • Tailored Shirts
  • Tailored Shirts
  • Tailored Shirts
  • Tailored Shirts


The Cotton

For you, only the finest Egyptian cotton sourced from Europe’s top cotton mills. Our elegant range contains an assortment of poplins, oxfords, herringbones, twills and more. We present you with a hand-picked selection of cotton, consisting of only the best materials, seasonal and corporate colours. Your Carl Navè shirt will be timeless.


The Collar

Personalise your shirt collection at Carl Navè with our two-piece collar. Softly woven interlinings, adjustable collar stays and an assortment of hand crafted collar designs. Whether you’re in the office or off duty, style your shirt with a tailored, removable collar. Every design makes a statement.


The Cuff

French, Single Button, Double Button, Convertible, and the list goes on – all of our cuffs are made with soft woven interlinings, much like our collars. This
means that the cuff will remain crisp and fresh every time you put your hand out to shake.


The Buttons

The details are often one of the greatest perks of having a made to measure shirt. We offer a selection of customisable options starting with shell buttons
that will compliment the look of each shirt. Made from the inner layer of the pearl oyster, our Mother of Pearl buttons for instance offers strength, durability and elegance and do not dissolve after repeated washes like resin buttons.

Style is not just about being noticed, it’s about being remembered. At Carl Navè, it’s only the best craftsmanship of premium style suits tailored with style. Book your free 60 minute bespoke consultation with Carl today.

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